What is the VITA CHIP made of?
The VITA CHIP consists of carrier material made of recycled plastic as well as thirteen different mineral crystals. These minerals, i.e. magnesium and calcium, resonate with the electromagnetic field of the human organism and support, i.e. intensify, the transmission of stored information into all cells.

Are all VITA CHIPs the same?
All VITA CHIPs are identical in looks and composition of their materials. VITA CHIP E, system 8 home, and system 8 office all are informed in the same manner. Vita system car is informed for their respective purposes.

Do you offer collars for cats and dogs?
Considering the immense diversity of colour and size, this would be too time-consuming. You can, however, apply the VITA CHIP to your pet’s collar – we have achieved positive results with this method.

Is the VITA CHIP waterproof?
The VITA CHIP is waterproof and can be washed at up to 50°C. ​
Is the chip’s effect stronger on an electronic device than on a piece of jewellery?
While the chip’s underlying mechanism is the same on an electronic device as on jewellery, an electronic device’s electromagnetic field intensifies the chip’s effect.
Is the chip’s functioning still given when I use a phone cover or case?
The chip’s functioning is not affected by covers or cases.

Can I remove the VITA CHIP and attach it to another device?
Yes, the VITA CHIP can be removed and attached to another device anytime; as long as the adhesive tape is renewed (adhesive tape has to be purchased separately).
Is the VITA CHIP compatible with other products?

To our knowledge, there are no impairments when the VITA CHIP is combined with other products.

Where do I place the VITA CHIP?
The VITA CHIP can be attached to any spot of a high-frequency device, e.g. your cell phone, computer, DECT-phone, Wi-Fi router, baby phone, and other electronic devices. A double-sided adhesive tape is attached at the backside of the chip.


Important remark:

The technology presented here (similar to homeopathy, bio-resonance theory and some areas of acupuncture) does not conform to traditional science and academic consensus. The VITA CHIP makes no healing, curative or medical claims.
The VITA CHIP does not diagnose, cure, treat, heal or prevent any disease, illness or medical condition. If you have a medical condition or illness, you should consult your physician.