Places of usage

Versatile application

The vita chip harmonises ...
· stress within the body
· room at home and in the office
· food, extend the shelf life without preservatives
· beverages, e.g. water and wine offices and domestic environments


This contributes to greater vitality and quality of life

The VITA CHIP increases the life energy of his carrier and contributes to a noticeable and perceptible improvement in the quality of life. 

Mentally, the VITA CHIP supports the spiritual receptiveness. Especially during periods of high stress, it strengthens the mind and mental performance.

In the emotional domain, the VITA CHIP helps to handle negative emotions considerably faster and also stimulates positive emotions.

In the corporate sector, the creativity and the mental/spiritual receptivity of employees is extended in a positive way. Conflicts are solved faster and easier.

Here you will find our customers's experience with testimonials.


Important remark:

The technology presented here (similar to homeopathy, bio-resonance theory and some areas of acupuncture) does not conform to traditional science and academic consensus. The VITA CHIP makes no healing, curative or medical claims.
The VITA CHIP does not diagnose, cure, treat, heal or prevent any disease, illness or medical condition. If you have a medical condition or illness, you should consult your physician.