Vita Chip „Food“

Today's foods are almost exclusively manufactured industrially. Long distance transport as well as the exposure to long shelf life, additional preservatives and irradiation are among the factors that reduce the vital potency of our foods. 

The Vita Chip "Food" harmonizes negative information to re-enable the original energizing effect of the food (fruit, vegetables, beverages, etc.). The Vita Chip makes your food easier to digest and allows it to retain its freshness.


Application and use:
One way of use is to simply place the Vita Chip “Food” in the refrigerator. Food and beverages stay fresh and taste better with the Vita Chip "Food”. Placed under a decanter of water, juice or wine, the Vita Chip “Food” does its work and harmonizes the beverages. You will feel that they are softer and tastier. 

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We are convinced of our product. This is why we give a life long warranty for the effectivity of the Vita Chip as well as a 3 month money back guarantee.