Vita Chip „Food“

The Vita Chip "Quantum" is hand-crafted by the traditional jeweler Kerner in Ulm. Impressively beautiful in appearance, high quality materials as well as a timeless design. This in combination with the Vita Chip at its core provides the user with a feeling of vitality and wellbeing.

Material: Our pendant is carefully crafted with 935/000 high value silver and carries the Vita Chip. Each piece is crafted according to our high standards, and is, as its carrier, unique. The people whom you interact with will most surely be impressed by the radiance you receive from the “Quantum”.

Size approximately: Diameter 25 x 5 mm

Weight: about 6 grams


Kerner in Ulm is a traditional family based company established in 1884. It is one of the last three traditional businesses of its kind in Germany. Kerner is well-known for perfect quality, personalized service, top-class products and its widely respected goldsmiths. The Lifestyle Newspaper GQ elected jeweler Kerner one of the best 100 jewelers in Germany.